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Work To Live | How To Lose A Client | May 2015

19 May Work To Live | How To Lose A Client | May 2015

Work to Live | How To Lose A Client | May 2015

Welcome to the May 2015 issue of Work to Live and greetings from beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Thank you for subscribing to this issue and please take a moment to learn more about me in the “About Us” section.

Corporate And Outdoor Update
It has been a fast start to the month of May. I have been spending a lot of time on the road tending to my new relationship I eluded to last month. New clients are always fun to be around. The excitement about the job ahead, the triumphs, the challenges, and new friendships make acquisitions like these so rewarding. I have been promised consideration on a corporate trip to The Masters next spring(crossing my fingers). As for now a potential “work” trip to the home office for the “College World Series” will have to do. The acquisition has been going smooth and I have built a lot of new relationships and I am looking forward to the month ahead. Even with a smooth transition, I have my fair share of stress. Implementing practices from my last “Work to Live” post, I have managed it well. The travel has been an adjustment, but am excited to be away from the home office and back out in the world. Before you know it, I will be competing with my wife for most airline miles. She disagrees, so I guess the war is on.

As well as the corporate life has been treating me, I can only say the same about the outdoors. May is a tremendous month to be in Montana. The fishing is lights out and the rivers are empty, unlike the dog days of July and August. I will always say it, but I cannot believe more fly fisherman do not spend time here in the spring. It is the best fly fishing of the year, and guides are begging for the work. Despite a crazy travel schedule I was fortunate to fish the opener of the Upper Madison River near Ennis, MT. We fished on a section of water that has been closed for 4 months. The trout appreciated the break and were eager to eat anything we threw at them. Fat brown trout(see picture below) were the theme of the day and no other boat was seen on the water. This particular section always fishes well throughout the year. What section you may be asking? Email me at, and I will get you in touch with the guys that can show you!

For this months “Work to Live”, I will be discussing How To Lose a Client. Your first reaction to this headline may be, “why in the hell would I want to lose my clients?” Rest assured, this is not advice on how to piss off your best clients. Every business article or book you have ever read is always instructing you how to acquire more business. Why hasn’t there been an article or book written on how to handle losing? In my words, lose now and win big later. How is this done?

Ask yourself the following question…

Am i confident in my product or solution?
If you answer yes, you have confidence and that is step one. If you have confidence in your product and yourself, you can rest assured there is someone out there who isn’t. This competitor will offer the same product at a discounted rate. It’s the only way he/she can differentiate themselves. In today’s world you get what you pay for. When your client calls and informs you he/she decided to go with another provider, it’s human nature to be upset. You want to say what is on your mind, you stew about it afterwards thinking…”I should have said this or that.” Don’t do it. That makes you just as bad, or worse as your toughest competitor that is de-valuing the product and themselves by offering it at a lower rate. Instead, thank the client for their time and say, “I understand you need to make a decision that is best for you and your business. If what you were promised does not come to fruition, please hold onto my information and call me any time.” Two things will happen here. They won’t call, or they will call after they have been lied to or taken advantage of. At this moment you have just earned a client for life because of your professionalism and honesty. Its a simple formula, but never practiced in today’s “save a buck” and “more revenue” industries.

Enjoy some photos below or visit my Instagram page. Always remember, work to live, don’t live to work.

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