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Super Beer | Beer Recipe

Super Beer | Beer Recipe

super beer

What is a Super Beer?
A Super Beer is a beer recipe combining flavor infused salt, lime, your favorite mexican beer, and your favorite tequila. Best served on the water during hot days.

Where did it come from?
The Super Beer recipe came from countless days on the river with gnarly hangovers and to many “heavy” beers. We wanted something that was easy to drink, light, could drink many, and didn’t provide a nasty hangover. Many versions of the Super Beer recipe have been around for years. The most common being the beer bottle turned upside down in a margarita. We trimmed off the fat and made it an all day drink.

How is it made?
The Stripset Super Beer Recipe
1 can of Modelo.
1 slice of lime.
1 rim of dusted taco salt(see below)
.5 shots of Milagro Silver(half the price of patron and twice the taste)

Grab your beer. Run a freshly squeezed lime around the rim. Dip beer in your favorite salt(see versions below). Crack the beer and take a small drink. Pour .5 shot into your beer. Swirl around. Enjoy!

Salt Variations
Jalepeno Cheddar- grab the jalepeno cheddar popcorn powder at your local grocery store and mix with salt.
Taco- look for the 30% less sodium taco packets and mix with salt.
Traditional- any traditional margarita salt.

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Travis Staker, DR Herrold, Matt Washington, Simon Boaz

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