About - The Stripset
the stripiest is about balancing a corporate and outdoor lifestyle. we teach how you can work to live and not live to work.
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About The Stripset

The Stripset is founded on the idea that their is more to life than the walls of a cubicle, the asphalt of a freeway, the corporate ladder, or the rat race all together. They’re places in this world that help you forget about emails, social media, corporate meetings, and sales quotas. The Stripset is a term that is widely used in the fly fishing industry. It’s the moment a trout grabs a hold of a streamer fly and the angler sets the hook by stripping back the line. The term has special meaning to me. It’s the purest form of adrenaline and excitement. It’s the moment I forget about all of the things in this world that are just that, things. The moment I transfer from corporate to outdoor. Through fly fishing and an outdoor lifestyle, all of your worries melt away. Welcome to my site.

About the Author

Working in corporate banking for nine years, I had the opportunity to work from home in 2007 and moved to Montana. During my short professional career i’ve had the opportunity to learn from many successful and forward thinking professionals in both the corporate and outdoor worlds. In 8 years I have grown my corporate career aggressively, managing large accounts and financial institutions in 3 surrounding states, with over 1 billion in net worth. I am currently managing one of the largest acquisitions in our companies history that will bring millions in net revenue over the life of the contract. My career has kept me on my toes and I am grateful for the terrific clients I have the opportunity to work with. I have lived the corporate life, wile also finding success and purpose in the outdoor world Montana provides. After picking up a fly rod for the first time in 2007, I was fortunate to find a selfless and knowledgeable mentor. In four short years I have mastered the art of the sport and learned what it takes to be a true “host” of the outdoors. In 2011 I was in the right place at the right time, and began my fly fishing guiding career. I have learned over the last nine years that life isn’t a nice car, a nice home, a bottom line, a stock price, or an inbox of so called “important” emails. Its about relationships and holding onto the things that make you happy. I still find success managing both lifestyles. It’s about finding balance between your career and the activities that help you forget about the real world. I have been successful because I have found how to do this. I hope to share my experiences with others through career advice, day to day organization, corporate best practices, fly fishing, photography, and a mountain lifestyle. Follow my journey and make your own. Work to live, don’t live to work.